58 Degrees


Lovely. What a lovely ride. Stayed in Zone 2 on MacArthur. The ride was slower, for sure, but way more relaxed. Just 11, but I will get there.

I SO Miss Rugby

I saw a rugger this morning wearing a “lock” jacket (my old position) and I went up to her and said hi. It was just a quick exchange – she plays for the DC Furies. I have not played in DC – I’ve lost A LOT of bulk muscle mass, and the teams here are really good. But the last person I tackled was Abe at track, and it did feel good. Maybe it might be a good idea to get one more season of rugby in. I stopped playing after I saw my teammate break her neck, but that was such a freak thing, bad reffing, college team vs. women’s team. I don’t think that’s likely, and besides, I’m not really a playmaker. I’m not particularly good, but I’m good enough to at least be competitive on their C team. 

And my Lady ‘Phins are still tearing it up in Santa Monica. Damn I miss the non-time bound, song-heavy, relaxed but intense, hitting the ground, tackle heavy, fun times. Maybe it’s time to give the tris a break and get to rugby. I had a talk with Matt yesterday about it – and well, rugby and paddling could be a perfect mix for a shittton of black and blues. 🙂

SANTA MONICA WOMEN’S RUGBY CLUB: LADY DOLPHINS (Is that Em playing flanker? Weird.)

Staying Honest With My Students

For the next few months, a solemn pledge. I will use my blog to record workouts-  not all, but some that are notably funny, really good, or signal an accomplishment. And I will also take some risks with the online playground.

If my students have to keep a blog, so should I. And I think there’s something truly great about personal blogging as far as revealing a side that perhaps, shows the vulnerable or the conquest or the amusing that, maybe, well, we just don’t see in more serious settings. So suffer, my dear students, as you watch me chronicle my rise to tri glory for my second season, learn to use my Garmin, and set goals, get distracted and stressed, and then resolve IT IS ABOUT FUN, only to set another crazy goal I can’t keep. Sigh.

First things I want to do:

1) Transfer this blog to swimbikerunprof.com, which is the wordpress blog that I own.

2) Make subpages with a bio and At LEAST an about, a list of past races noting PRs, and a list of future races.  

3) Interlink to other tri blogs

4) Develop the online personality for @swimbikerunprof. Will it be anon. and snarky? Or what?

5) Consider leveraging social media for sponsorship OR is that TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. Probably ridiculous #REV3TRI or BUST!

#Buttjury, it’s Totes REALZ.

First ride since October. It sucked. I forgot how hard the MacArthur hills can be. 11 miles in 42.50 – that’s about 15.4 mph. Not horrid, but when the average last year was 17.5 or better, not impressed lady. Time to get your ass in gear if you want to get some good oly times. THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL!!!

But then Jared found out that I have invented the word #buttjury 🙂image

Starting a New Year: 2014

I’m starting the new year with a number of fitness resolutions. The first is to get back into a regular running habit now that my buttjury is mostly resolved. The resolution is actually to run with Shelly more.

Shelly and I were running every day before she got super into paddling. The result was that I ran a lot on my own. I got a lot faster with Team Z, though much of that has faded. I doubt I can do a mile under 7 or a 24:00 5k right now. But I’d like to see if I can indeed be trained for the races I’ve signed up for.

Still on the calendar are the Shamrock Marathon (need to change to the half) and the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run. I could, with much difficulty, probably eek out 10. A half would be really painful. I hope that Shel and I can do Shamrock successfully.

Today we ran 4 – it was a gorgeous winter day – the air was crisp and smelled so totally fresh — that fire smell. I’m hoping we’ll keep our resolution and make a habit. To New Year’s.